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My favorite kind of egg!

My version of sunny side up egg – Pic from my kitchen

So this was my tea time egg on Friday, after a long long long week, am happy I sat down to a lovely cup of orange tea and my egg. I believe the reason as to my liking of this egg, aside from the fact that its very yummy! Is that its moist and you get to dig into that juice-ness with your bread.

Most homes in Kenya have their eggs well done, and that’s between pan-fried or boiled. That’s how I grew up as well, until the travels of hotels and restaurants, opened my palates to a whole new, bright and beautiful world of adventurous cuisine. I do not complain at all about the different ways we make our eggs but its a lot of fun to try new things.

I made my first poached egg just recently, to the continual delight of my husband. It wasn’t quite my liking but the sunny side up is definitely a keeper.

Poached Egg. Pic from google

The other most definite keeper is the egg in a basket, yummy and truly artistic in its form, people who come up with recipes are quite the rebels, umh!

Of course the above is sunny side up but pan-fried on both sides, not just one side as shown below.

Sunny Side up Egg-Pic from google

The usual types of eggs we know are;


Pan fried



Yeh that’s about it, I believe. Well in my quest to research about eggs, of course we all know that they are nutritious, but of course too much of them and your body will break out with a bad case of allergy. I discovered a site that has 100 ways of cooking eggs, what! To contain sanity I shall share the link and look at it in my own pace. Enjoy!

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