The Food Industry

31 Jul


Being that am not exercising good blogging principles by blogging every other day, I went ahead and opened another blog for recipes and foods only! oh boy! What am I thinking?! Well my life isn’t what you would term as ‘very’ exciting, so having 2 blogs is going to really stretch me here, but maybe just maybe, it could be the beginning of something new and exciting. I will work on linking the blogs so that they supplement each other.

The recipe experience and highlight of the week for me and my hubby was ‘adventuring’ at a grilling restaurant and we had these flame grilled cherry and ginger spare ribs with potato wedges and steamed veggies on the side. Of course my hubby had no particular inkling towards the veggies but I felt obligated to eat mine in the hope that my body understands that it has eaten something health-ier! The ribs were very tender and well marinated. We had a chat with the chef, Chef Edward, who is adventuring in the restaurant business. Also came to find out he’s going to cater for the Masaku 7’s, this is the newest and upcoming Rugby team from Machakos or rather the Eastern province (county now, I think).awuwu!

The food industry in itself is quite extensive and very interesting. Its intriguing how we take food so lightly here in this Kenya of ours. I aint saying that we ‘all’ do, but generally that’s how we have been brought up. The people who I give credit to for enjoying and working on their meals are the Swahili in the Coast province( oops county). Having been privileged (not coz am loaded cash-wise, no, just God’s favour) to have eaten at some of our big hotels, and having no particular culinary training, its sad that not ALOT of thought is put into meals. You think well, this is a big hotel, and whatever they service in terms of food will knock my socks or skirt off, then, comes disappointment. I mean with a little bit of keenness and money to buy those ingredients, the now widely travelled and learned Kenyan can pull off some of the moves the ‘chefs’ make. We just need to up our game, am talking about hotels and restaurants and caterers.

We have so many upcoming caterers who do the most shoddiest of jobs, yet they are making a kill in terms of clientele, because we hardly put to mind what we are serving or being served. Being brought up in Kenya and with average incomes (money is relative to every individual), I hardly think we have the luxury to know what it means to be served great food. Though I do believe that the moment you take a particular keenness to something, you discover so much about that thing it’s almost embarrassing to imagine you had no idea or had never contemplated how much that thing was far-reaching, knowledge-wise.

Anyone out there who loves eating out ones in a while and is especially attentive to the service they receive can conquer with me that, we are not doing well in the food industry but (yes but), we are improving due to the rising competition. Employees at those places are bored to death and thus bore you to a point of not really enjoying your meal. Every now and then when you do come across a cheerful waiter/waitress, it’s a breath of fresh air. Another trend that we have is starting off with great food and workers then, I believe, as the ‘greed’ or thirst for more money engulfs us we cut down on ingredients and thus totally spoil the quality of food. They end up underpaying and mistreating their employees who eventually quit, and gradually when the customers notice (they all always seem to think we don’t notice) they take their leave. That business owner ends up operating on losses and wounded pride.

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